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February 21, 2021...save the date! 

FREE ADMISSION!  NJ Kids' Camp Fair will be held virtually for the camp season 2021. Usually scheduled in person during the January and February timeframe, we have decided that it would be impractical to host our traditional in-person event while in the wake of the continuing pandemic and uncertainty of social distancing guidelines. Just like the normal in-person fairs, families will be able to listen to a live presentation, watch videos, speak 1 on 1 with camp representatives, sign up for open houses, Q&A, download brochures and even set up a future meeting. Free admission! 

We look forward to creating a great remote event this winter and to once again host in-person events safely, hopefully in the early Spring!  NJ Camp Fairs has held its annual fairs for the past 35 years and it is our intention to continue to provide this valuable service. 

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