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2 Convent Road, Morristown, NJ, 07960
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Zephaniah Chang
Zephaniah Chang
Ages 11-18
Not ACA Accredited
Camp Type: Day Camp
Program Overview

Our 2-week summer day camp is perfect for students who are new to public speaking and debate. During the first couple days of the program, we focus on building confidence with fun speaking exercises and activities. In addition, we’ll also start learning about the basics of debate — what makes a strong argument and refutation. As students become more comfortable with public speaking, we’ll move to formal debate rounds, where students will prepare cases, give rebuttals, and learn the mechanics of a Public Forum Debate round (the most common form of debate in schools around the US). On the last two days of the session, students will participate in a Institute debate tournament, where they will put the skills they’ve learned to the test.

You’re thinking “My kid’s going to hate me for sending them to an extra 2 weeks of school!”. You couldn’t be more wrong. Our program is built from the ground up, to be fun, engaging, and active. We know that public speaking can’t be learned from a book or a lecture. So there’s no textbook, no boring lectures, nothing that feels like school. Instead, our curriculum emphasizes practical exercises where students get to experiment with their own speaking styles and learn by doing. Our guaranteed 6:1 student-teacher ratio means that our instructors are able to provide constant feedback and offer one-on-one mentorship for students.