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Ai Studios Summer Fun Enrichment Camp

Give your child a gift of a lifetime! High-quality fun and creative experiences that leave your child feeling empowered and uplifted, unleashing your child's potential while having fun and making new friends. We nurture creativity, innovative thinking, and problem solving skills! Open to all male and female students currently in or entering Grades K-12 - Enjoy our exciting Summer Day Camp Enrichment Program in a beautiful lakefront with beach location! Kids feel safe & comfortable here, saying "Feels like they are at home!"

Learn to be skilled in the Fine Arts (Drawing, Sketching, Cartooning, Painting, Clay, Sculpting, Fashion Design, Art Journaling), SEWING, Digital Arts, Wild Science (Earth Science, Chemistry, Engineering, Aerospace, Nature Walks), Chess, and much more. Plus, enjoy fun outdoor and indoor activities such as Fishing, Billiards, Board Games, Sports, and more. Plus, our classes are taught by professional & long experienced artists and instructors with real world experience, who are willing and able to share their knowledge and expertise to give Career-focused education for real world results.

We provide a safe space with a learning environment that serves to inspire, enlighten, and promote exploration and discovery. Our program promotes whole brain learning, innovation & creativity, enhancement of motor and cognitive skills, improvement of focus and attention, great fun, and more! After taking Ai Studios classes your child will: Develop creative and critical thinking skills; have a passion for inspiring others and being inspired; learn how to solve problems creatively and inventively.

Artistic design skills are problem-solving skills, essential for the sciences and engineering fields as well. Ai Studios Enrichment is unique because we connect imagination and creativity in the arts with science and engineering! Our programs bring out the best in your child through: finding hidden talents, developing life-long skills for future career opportunities, enhancing academic, artistic, and social skills needed for self-improvement, building self-confidence, and stimulating enjoyable and deeper level learning not available in average schooling.

We offer many different skill enhancing classes that can be customized to suit an individual's specific needs.

Programs are offered from Monday June 19th to Friday September 1st, 2017 and are designed to meet a wide-range of needs. We offer flexibility, diversity, and convenience. With our summer fun program, we offer a rotating variety of classes. Each program has classes that are one hour long. You can adjust your children's daily class schedule, from one hour a day to a half day to a full day. Your children can attend from one day only to once a week to every day. Drop-In / Walk-Ins welcome anytime of the day – for as many hours as needed.

Ai Studios 2017 Summer Fun Enrichment Camp facility location:
280 Boulevard, Mt Lakes NJ.