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What do I bring to display at the camp fair? (Click to display)

Most camps bring a banner that they lay across the tablecloth provided you over a 6-foot table. Some camp directors set up flannel boards with pictures of their camp while others have a silent Power Point presentation on their lap-top computer. Many camp directors have free-standing full-color screens that advertise their camp set up behind their table. On the table there are photo albums, sample articles of their camp’s clothing and a clipboard on which parents can register to find out more about your camp. There are also preliminary brochures on the table, and a reserve behind the scenes of more extensive brochures and DVD’s for distribution to your warmest leads. The key is to make your display look professional. Spend a few dollars and have some signs ed or purchase a nice display board. Oaktag posters and markers on signs do not convey a professional feeling. Parents might see it as a reflection of the impending camp experience.

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