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“This fair was wildly successful”

“Exceeded my expectations”

“...was the best fair that we’ve attended”

“...this fair is better than the all the others prior”

Comments from camp directors at the NJ Camp Fairs 2019 at Quaker Bridge Mall

Barbara-I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your hard work in arranging the NJ 

  • Fairs.  They are well-run, organized, and it’s a pleasure working with you.  We met many 
  • families on Saturday and are looking forward to a successful camp season.  Thank you for 
  • it so easy to meet new camper families! 

Mary Sullivan
Teen and Youth Sports Director
Day Camp Director (Camp Oratam/Camp Kahagon/TeenVentures)
Volunteer Coordinator


It is always difficult to decide how to invest our marketing resources: dollars and time. However, it remains clear that your camp fairs are by far the best of any we have attended. In addition to the families we meet during the fairs, you provide a contact list of all who attended, which gives us the opportunity to extend our marketing efforts. We’ve also been pleasantly surprised at the success of the fairs located in malls, so I hope you will maintain those locations.

Tom Riddleberger, Campus Kids Summer Camps

“This year’s camp fairs have been extremely beneficial. Most of the families attending have visited the websites and are coming to the fair to get a feel for the camp that can only be achieved through personal contact. We have had longer more intentional conversations than in years past. Both Summit and East Hanover had a steady to strong traffic flow from start to finish.” 

Cindy S. Wyatt, Director of Summer and Auxiliary Programs, Gill St. Bernard's School

Nobody knows NJ Camp Fairs like Barbara Rubin, because nobody has been doing it for as long, or as successfully as she has. Barbara has street savvy and can put together a great little fair pretty much anywhere. Between her smart advertising and grass roots relationships, she gets the foot traffic to make it worth our efforts!

Sensational Summers offers one of the BEST opportunities for our camps to meet potential camp families. These are truly professional fairs that understand the importance of meeting both the potential families and our camp's needs. We have been involved with these fairs for years and have always been impressed by all the pre-work and evaluation that is done each year.

Anne B. Tursky
Assistant Executive Director
NJY Camps

"I've been working with Barbara for roughly a decade now. Her camp fairs are by far the best way for me to get face to face time with new families looking for summer camp. Sensational Summers has their fingers on the pulse of NJ Families. I've recruited countless campers at summer camp fairs run by her and will continue to do so in the future."
- Dan Weir, Director of Camping Services at Frost Valley YMCA

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