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French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts


350 Bouchoux Brook Road, Hancock, NY, 13783
ACA Accredited
Camp Type: Sleepaway Camp, Adventure Camp, Camp in NY, Coed, Performing Arts Camp, Music Camp, Sports Camp (General), Horseback Riding / Equestrian
Camp Fairs: Montclair Art Museum (02/09/2020), Village of Ridgewood - Community Center (02/08/2020), The Grand Summit Hotel (01/26/2020)

Perform in a Broadway show with full orchestra, play another camp in soccer, basketball or baseball, fly on the high trapeze, bake a souffle, produce your own movie, record original music, make a stained glass window, silkscreen a shirt, ride a horse, dance in a ballet, play in the symphony, water ski, play tennis, become a magician, or jam with a rock band.

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New Horizons Day Camp (North Jersey)

OPEN HOUSE Sun, Mar 15, 1-3PM - CANCELLED.  Traditional Day Camp for Pre-K-9th Gr. From athletics to coding... art to archery... cooking to podcasting. Choose from OVER 100 unique activities! Meet staff members and participate in a variety of fun activities, sports activities, balloons, art projects, face painting, experiments. Future Open House Dates: 4/19, 1-3PM, 5/16 -- 1-3PM, and 6/13 -- 1-3PM.71 Ridgedale Ave, Florham Park, 973.850.6640, info@newhorizonsdaycamp.com, www.newhorizonsdaycamp.com