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Mercer County Community College Camp College



1200 Old Trenton Rd, West Windsor, NJ, 08550
Camp Type: Day Camp, Performing Arts Camp, Coed, Music Camp, Academic Camp, Adventure Camp, Computer Camp, Cooking / Culinary Camp, Golf Camp, Nature / Gardening Camps, Science Camp, Soccer Camp, Sports Camp (General), Traditional Camp, Travel Camp, STEAM Camp, STEM Camp, Camp in NJ
Camp Fairs: Quaker Bridge Mall (01/19/2020)

Mercer County Community College's Camp College in West Windsor is one of the surest signs that it’s summertime. Camp College takes over the grounds at MCCC with fun and engaging programs for children with varied interests, between the ages of 6 to 16. Looking to give your child a boost through academic summer camps? Camp College has you covered there too. Or what about Sea Camp? Or Golf Camp? Or Visual Arts Camp? Yes, Camp College offers these programs and much more for eight fun weeks, from June 22, 2020 through August 14, 2020. On campus, or through field trips, campers get the most of their summer days.

Camp College programs include:
Summer Camp, Youth Programs, Youth Activities, Youth Camp, Sports Camps, Campus Kids, Specialty Camps, Friday Fun Days, BEFORE-Camp Care, AFTER-Camp Care and more.

'Campus Kids' - (Four-Week Session I, Session II)
Camp College offers your child an enriching alternative to the traditional summer day camp. Campers combine study in a variety of stimulating subject areas that emphasize intellectual growth and skills development with the fun of recreational activities. Choose up to six different "courses" for each four-week session. Most courses meet 55 minutes daily. We have over 90 courses to choose from!

Friday Fun Days
Designed especially for campers who are registered for the 'Campus Kids' Monday through Friday option only. Fridays are planned around fun activities and most programs have time for swimming.

Specialty Camps
Camp College offers over 80 half day Specialty Camp Workshops. Our programs include Arts, Crafts and More, Science and Technology, Computer, and Culinary. Supervised lunch and recess, at no additional cost, if registered for AM and PM classes within the same week. Camp College also offers full-day 1 week courses including: Sea Camp: Marine Biology and Shore Ecology (Ages 10-15), Ecoventure (Ages 10- 16), Adventure Camp (Ages 11-15), Fishing Camp (Ages 10-14), Junior Golf (Ages 9-14), Rock Climbing (Ages 9-14), and more.

Academic Prep for Grades 7-10
Areas of study will include: expressions and equations, solving linear equations and inequalities, as well as, graphing solution sets, analyzing functions by observing patterns in equations, graphs, and tables, and solving systems of equations. Quadratic functions will be studied as well as their real world applications.

Designed to provide a variety of creative options for middle school students: poetry, short story, personal narratives, plays, and magazine articles. Learn the steps that will take you through all the phases of the writing process from pre-writing through publishing.

Participants will read at least three young adult fiction novels. Study will include analyzing text, vocabulary development, and improving writing skills. Class time will include 30 minutes each session for students to work independently or seek individualized assistance from the instructor.

Emphasis will be placed on vocabulary, logical thinking, and completeness of formal geometric proofs. Students will investigate, make conjectures, and form conclusions. This enrichment program will include deductive reasoning, line and angle relationships, triangles, and congruency, parallelism, proving polygons congruent and similar, right triangle properties, circles, and area and volume, logical reasoning, problem solving, and communication.

The purpose of this course is two-fold: first, assist students who find mathematics to be an obstacle course by developing necessary skills to succeed, and secondly, challenge those students who wish to deepen their analytical and logical abilities. Topics include: evaluating numerical and algebraic expressions, building and solving a variety of equations, solving and applying proportions, applying properties and operations to integers and rational numbers.

BEFORE-Camp Care
"Early Bird BEFORE-CAMP,” which begins at 7:15 am. Campers will participate in supervised activities on campus and camp staff will ensure your child's safety by promptly checking them into their regularly scheduled programs.

Children enrolled in this program are escorted to a variety of supervised activities 4 to 6 p.m., including a recreational swim period from 4 to 5:15 p.m

For additional information about Camp College and to learn more about our programs, please visit our website at http://www.mccc.edu/campcollege